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Fic Link: Neither One nor the Other. Doctor Who/Casanova crossover.

It's been a long time since anybody posted anything in this comm. But I thought this might fit here. (As if I wasn't spamming people's flists enough yet. :-)) If it's not allowed, mods feel free to delete, or tell me and I'll try to do it myself.

Title: Neither One nor the Other
Author: xwingace
Fandoms: Dr Who, Casanova (2005 BBC miniseries)
Rating: PG just in case.
Warnings: Set immediately after Parting of the Ways and immediately before the Christmas Invasion. Spoilers for anything in the 2005 Dr Who series and for the first episode of Casanova.
Character(s) (if applicable): Doctor (10), Rose, Casanova, Rocco.

Summary: How do you deal with the same man getting a new face when suddenly a new man with the same face presents himself?

Credit: Major thanks go to cantralian for her positive criticims during the writing of this. Also thank you to shade_shifter for looking it over when finished, and an even bigger thank you to mprice for her time and effort, even if we did end up disagreeing over this fic and I disregarded most of her advice. Blame me, that's what I say.

Author's note: A long time ago I posted a plot bunny to infiniteworlds about this crossover. Eventually, I ended up writing it myself anyway. Ah well.

Comments and corrections are always welcome, either down below or email me at xwingace@gmail.com.

Fic is at my journal and also available at fanfiction.net or my own website.
Crossposted all over the place.

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